The term 'ontological' refers to our way of being. We are human beings but we are also "human's being". Ontological coaching is a process that incorporates three domains that taken together, determine our personal way of thinking and behaving. The three domains are, conversations and language acts, moods and emotions, and body positions and movements. PLI teaches clients how to shift their way of being in ways that better serve them and your organization in circumstances that are not served well
Self-Efficacy is a concept based on personal judgement of how well or poorly a person is able to cope with a given situation based on the skills they have and the circumstances they face. Our coaching shows individuals, teams, and organizations how to elevate their efficacy. The effect of this change is ambition to take on difficult tasks, persistence in the face of setbacks, and an overall sense of mastery.
PLI's mindfulness coaching focuses on the thought processes of optimal performing people. Learning these powerful thought process concepts unleashes the potential in the domains of performance. Thinking differently trumps working harder.