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In cooperation with The Pacific Institute, Performance Learning Inc. offers Achieving Balanced Well-Being (ABW).  This powerful online, self-paced curriculum dives into your habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations to optimize performance and well-being. You will learn about the most significant aspects of health and optimal well-being: that you are in control and have the power to change. The program applies The Pacific Institute's mind-setting curriculum to Martin Seligman's positivity PERMA model to accelerate results, build resilience, enhance engagement and overcome areas where you, your team, or your organization may be “stuck.”
All exercises and activities within the program are focused on the active application of the cognitive and neuroscience brain research to those issues that affect individual well-being. This process sets your life and the lives of your workforce, on the path to flourishing and higher levels of performance. The format for this program following three steps:
  • Thought patterns of high performance people, video presented curriculum
    • Individuals on their own time watch each of the 14 video presented units and do the self-check and review other related materials in the package. 
  •  Study Clubs
    • Zoom meetings that allow participants to react to and share their thoughts on what has been presented through each unit of the curriculum 
  • Options for Dr. Don Steele or his affiliates to lead these discussions live or on Zoom are available
The pandemic has caused way too many people to slip into a downward spiral of uncertainty, worthlessness, hopelessness, and hostility.
Achieving Balanced Well-being (ABW) provides the education and tools to recharge and reverse the downward spiral into a spiral of hope, balance, intentionality and achievement.
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