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I founded Performance Learning, Incorporated in 1987, after spending five years with The Pacific Institute.  My goal was to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve optimal performance and results. Over the years, I developed a disciplined and structured coaching process that, drawing from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, focuses on the thought processes of high performing individuals. This focus opened opportunities for me to work with several organizational leaders and teams across a wide spectrum of industries, including educational organizations, professional sports franchises, and fortune 100 companies.

In light of the pandemic, organizations of all types are being significantly and negatively impacted. Their ability to aggregate people in leadership development and training sessions has been greatly reduced. In collaboration with The Pacific Institute, a new online format was created known as Achieving Balanced Well-Being, and it is a completely self-contained program. It frees the organization from gathering people together, serving meals, purchasing books and training facilitators. We are extremely excited about the prospect this program may have on your organization. The goal is to reduce stress and anxiety amongst your organization’s employees and to help them achieve optimal performance and an overall balanced well-being. 

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Dr. Donald Steele