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Dr. Don Steele, has published nine books:
State-Level Educational Policy Making
Three books, written by Dr. Steele, were used as textbooks by a consortium of 30 universities. They addressed the topic of how educational policies are made in 12 different states. Dr. Steele covered the states of Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Anticipating and Managing the Future
This book focused on how there are counter-forces that prevent many good changes from happening as fast as we would like. For example, the first electric car was built in the early 1900s. Those involved in the production of oil did not feel it was a good idea to have the electric car, therefore its progress was stifled.

Legacy books
Dr. Don Steele continues to write and publish the Moments to Remember Legacy Book Series.
  • Rebel Without Applause
  • Undefeated
  • The Misfit Millionaire: The Life and Times of Terry Duperon 
Dr. Don Steele has one more book going through publication.
  • No Soldier Left Behind 
    • This book captures the life and times of Brigadier General John G Kulhavi. Born and raised in Skidway Lake, a community of 400, raised by a single mother, along with 3 siblings. He managed to earn his way through college. He extended his graduation by one year when he deiced to join the reserve officer training corps. His career in the military was exemplary, he became a helicopter pilot and flew over 300 combat missions in Vietnam, was shot down twice, and received numerous rewards for valiantry in action. Upon leaving the military he joined the Army Reserves and found a job with Merrill Lynch. While at Merril Lynch he created the first financial investment team and became one of the top 100 Finacial investment advisors nationally. He once again received many accolades and rewards and aggregated much wealth. After leaving Merrill Lynch, he created several businesses and became an angel investor to help others fulfill their dreams.
Other Books
Dr. Steele is in the process of writing The IT Factor.
  • It will feature chapters on people who have been identified as having the "IT Factor."
  • The IT Factor is identified not by their accomplishments or position, rather their unique thought process that has made them successful. 

Legacy Book (non-fiction)
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