Dr. Don and his team of coaches cover a wide range of topics meant to build core competencies and sources of competitive advantage into the fabric of your organization.

Some of PLI’s basic offers are as follows:
  • Building a culture of engagement.
  • Creating speed as a stealth advantage.
  • Managing change and transition.
  • Building business acumen.
There are no “one-size fits all” offers. We always evaluate the context (the past, and present conditions of our clients’ businesses). Then we design our coaching, seminars, and workshops to address the client’s needs.

Our belief is that managers were created to produce coordinated action. We have a very unique offer to teach the essential skills, attitudes, and understandings essential to producing coordinated action. We do this through an experiential learning experience using music as the medium for conveying this message. Performance Learning Inc. has connections to professional musicians and bands of multiple genres of music… Pop, Mo-Town, Country, Rock & Roll, etc.

Dr. Don’s coaching style pairs well with the Achieving Balance Wellbeing (ABW) program. His knowledge of cognitive psychology and neuroscience is shared as he facilitates the video-driven ABW program. Dr. Steele can also train future facilitators of the ABW program within an organization. This allows leaders and staff development personnel of a company to bring the concepts to life and lead enriching experiences for other employees of the company. To read more about the ABW program and all of its components, Click Here!

Performance Learning Inc. has a 35 year history of coaching professional athletes, entertainers, educators, and leaders in various forms of the business industry. Through the use of video conference platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Dr. Don offers remote individual coaching services. This reduces or eliminates cost for travel and other related expenses. 

In these individual coaching sessions, Dr. Don focuses on providing the toolkit needed for achieving personal and professional optimal performance. He does this by focusing on a wide range of topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • Shifting our way of being to better meet challenging situations.
  • Conducting powerful conversations that generate commitments along with conditions of satisfaction.
  • Learning the 4 basic steps in building self-efficacy… “the belief that I can make good things happen no matter the circumstance.”
  • Addressing the challenges of balancing work and family life.

Dr. Don has a reputation of being the coach of the coaches. He has worked with a range of individual clients with the likes of A-list celebrities like Sylvester Stalone, NFL football coaches, NASCAR drivers, school district superintendents, and top echelon business and industry executives. His non-judgemental, evidence-based approach to helping individuals develop the skills, attitudes, and understandings necessary to relate to and lead others guides his disciplined and structured coaching process.

The term 'ontological' refers to our way of being. We are human beings but we are also "human's being". Ontological coaching is a process that incorporates three domains that taken together, determine our personal way of thinking and behaving. The three domains are, conversations and language acts, moods and emotions, and body positions and movements. PLI teaches clients how to shift their way of being in ways that better serve them and your organization in circumstances that are not served well
Self-Efficacy is a concept based on personal judgement of how well or poorly a person is able to cope with a given situation based on the skills they have and the circumstances they face. Our coaching shows individuals, teams, and organizations how to elevate their efficacy. The effect of this change is ambition to take on difficult tasks, persistence in the face of setbacks, and an overall sense of mastery.
PLI's mindfulness coaching focuses on the thought processes of optimal performing people. Learning these powerful thought process concepts unleashes the potential in the domains of performance. Thinking differently trumps working harder.
Our professional staff has taken special pride in building core competencies into the fabric of many organizations across a multitude of industries and continents. These core competencies become a source of competitive advantage for your organization.
Building bounce-back ability is an important concept to many businesses at the moment. After the 2020 pandemic and its effect on the world, bounce-back ability looks to take center stage in the business world. The future of businesses will be dependent on the individuals and organizations' ability to rapidly recover.
One of the key factors in improving leadership is being able to lead powerful conversations. Another is to successfully orchestrate moods and emotions in your organization, so they support rather than inhibit optimal performance. Leadership is ultimately all about results, for this reason, we call our professional staff 'resultants' rather than consultants. We produce results on time and within budget.
Learn to engage your team and inspire them to achieve high levels of success.  Everyone can improve with the right coach or mentor guiding their actions in the workplace.   Through observation, assessment, and interaction a good coach can make positive improvements in a struggling worker.  Participants will learn to improve their leadership style from a manager to an effective coach and mentor.
If you are interested in ontological coaching, self-efficacy coaching, or mindfulness coaching, fill out this form to get in contact with Dr. Don Steele to set up pricing and session times.