The Misfit Millionaire is the story that captures the life and times of Terry Duperon, the founder of Duperon Corporation and current co-owner of Performance Learning, Inc. Terry's unique story reveals the trials, tribulations, and his eventual successes in business and family life, two things that evaded him for years. An important turning point in his business career was when his daughter Tammy joined the business as a partner. A turning point in his family life happened when he married Leslie, his spouse of forty-two years. Being severely dyslexic never stood in the way of his becoming an inventor and a very successful entrepreneur. Today, Terry is funding young entrepreneurs who first experience The Class, in which he shares his life story and inspires people to dare to dream.

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About the Author(s)

Donald J. Steele, Jr., PhD, is a man of many talents and passions. He earned his PhD from The Ohio State University and his multi-faceted career started first in the field of education where he served as Superintendent of Schools in three urban school districts: Saginaw, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; and Seattle, Washington. Don then put his PhD in psychology to work as an optimal performance coach working with organizations as diverse as the NFL, Microsoft, NASCAR, and Ford Motor Company. All along, Don made time to pursue his passion for song writing, performing, and recording music. He recorded duet albums with Tammy Wynette and Willie Nelson among other musical accomplishments. Most recently, Don serves as an adjunct professor at Saginaw Valley State University and is authoring legacy books about family-owned and operated businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors. For inquiries about capturing your life story in a legacy book, please check out