Lester Thurow best expresses the need to change stating that, "A competitive world has two possibilities for you . You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you can change. The paradigm of management must change from command and control to coaching. And this coaching must be offered with a full understanding of change dynamics.

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Course Overview:

To ensure the continued future success of any organization, there will and must always be change.  Organizations today are operating in environments that require different approaches, different ways of thinking and different structures.  Organizational change demands a "new way of life," a revolution or reinvention.  To be successful, organizations must embrace many types of change including changes in environment, culture, and customer expectations and needs.  Participants will review the dynamics of change in their work environment and identify the leadership traits and competencies necessary to help their team accept, embrace, and implement change.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the predictable dynamics of change
  • Describe resistant behaviors and motivations
  • Describe productive attitudes that help you embrace change
  • Define the role of a Leader in a changing environment
  • Identify three challenges of managing change
  • Describe tools for managing the challenges of change

Who should attend?

New or emerging leaders, Business owners, Senior Managers, Managers, anyone who influences others, or is involved in a change initiative or project.